Welcome to Galvanised, our store in Millthorpe

17 Pym Street, Millthorpe NSW 2798
phone : 0429 877 276


About Us

Beautiful locally crafted goods including my custom lampshades made on site.

For more than 10 years now, we’ve been offering quality items from local artists and artisans in our 100-year-old shed.

Visitors to Millthorpe enjoy the experience of this unique store, and we now offer that experience on line so you can find a special piece to enjoy every day.

We have items in store, or custom orders are always available.

The picture here is from one of our workshops - you can even create your own unique lampshade.

And of course feel free to ask questions, we’re happy to help!

Linda and Laurie Willliams


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0429 877 276

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